County U16 Team

Warwickshire under 16 All Britain Champions 2011


Defeated North London 2-10 to 2-5, score at half time Warwickshire 1-2 North London 2-3


Jordan Lengthorne

Josh Ridley (Vice Captain)

Michael Kilmartin

Joseph Donaghue

Eamonn McWilliams

Ryan Bennett (Captain)

Patrick Smith

Kieran Blundell

Liam Connolly

Declan Staunton                     0-2 (One point from free)

Ryan Monteith                        1-0

Niall Duffy                             0-1

Michael Duffy

Hugh Maguire                         1-6 (Goal from penalty 1st half and 2 points from frees)

Tom Green



Laurence Jarvis

Jamie Eagles                            0-1

Ryan Mike

Marcus Robinson

Niall Glenholmes-Walsh


Panel members not played

Jake Hill

Paddy Flavell



Man of the match for Warwickshire was Hugh Maguire. Best players for Warwickshire; Josh Ridley, Joseph Donaghue, Eamonn McWilliams, Ryan Bennett, Declan Staunton, Ryan Monteith and Hugh Maguire.



Managers:        Seamas Mac An Bheatha and Tony Donaghue.

Selectors:         Liam Scanlon, Sean Davis, Kieran Duffy and James Connolly.