President Aiden Flynn (O’Rahilly’s)
Chairperson Michael Collins (John Mitchel’s)
Vice-Chairperson Noel McLean Jnr (Sean McDermott’s)
Secretary Sean Davies (St. Brendan’s)
Assistant Secretary Tara Tolan (St. Brendan’s)
Treasurer Michael Walker (Naomh Padraig)
Assistant Treasurer Shay Harnett (Roger Casement’s)
Children’s Welfare Officer Julie Duffy (John Mitchel’s)
Public Relations Officer Anthony McLaughlin (St. Barnabas)
Delegates to Provincial Council Michael Collins (John Mitchel’s)
Shay Harnett (Roger Casement’s)
Delegates to Congress Michael Walker (Naomh Padraig)
Martin Grogan (Roger Casement’s)
Delegates to Provincial Convention Des Brennan (St. Brendan’s)
John Coyne (Erin go Bragh)



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