The Warwickshire GAA Academy Programme aims to provide high-quality coaching sessions to youth players throughout the county.

Our primary objective is to enhance the physical, technical, and tactical skills of players under the guidance of skilled coaches. Additionally, we strive to broaden players’ knowledge on optimising performance in sports through monthly educational talks conducted by strength and conditioning coaches and experienced past players.

The programme is designed to ensure that youth players not only get enjoyment from their time in the academy but also maintain a sustained interest in the sport. We aspire to foster a pathway for these players to progress to senior levels and, in turn, encourage their peers to actively engage in Gaelic Football. The main goal is to elevate coaching standards, resulting higher player standards both on and off the field, enabling them to bring these standards back to their respective clubs.

As a commitment to excellence, the Academy promises that our entire Under-17 squad will successfully complete the ICCG Course, and all players will undergo the Young Whistlers course. For clubs hosting a blitz where they have academy players representation, each academy player will officiate at least once for their club during the year at a hosted blitz. This initiative is aimed at getting players involved and interested in their respective clubs, as well as creating a deeper appreciation for referees and coaches within their clubs and the organisation.

All academy players will actively participate in fundraising activities for their squads, promoting a sense of teamwork and responsibility. Through these multifaceted efforts, the Warwickshire GAA Academy Programme seeks to install a culture of excellence, commitment, and community engagement among its participants, ultimately contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals both on and off the pitch.

Seánie Boyle, Warwickshire CDA

The Academy Programme for 2024/25

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