Warwickshire currently competes in the Lory Meagher Cup and Allianz National Hurling League 3B.

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All-Ireland Junior Hurling Championship:*

  • Winners, 1968 (defeated Kerry in the final)
  • Winners, 1969 (defeated Kerry in the final)
  • Winners, 1973 (defeated Louth in the final)
  • Finalists, 1972 (lost to Kerry)
  • Finalists, 1966 (lost to Kildare)
  • Finalists, 1965 (lost to Roscommon)
  • Finalists, 1958 (lost to Cork)
  • Finalists, 1955 (lost to Cork)
  • Finalists, 1953 (lost to Tipperary)

* During this time period until 1973, the All-Ireland Junior Champions (classed as the ‘Home’ Winner) would meet the Champions of Britain to determine the overall All-Ireland Junior Champions. Up until 1960, stronger hurling counties would compete in the Junior Championship before switching to the All-Ireland Intermediate Championship from 1961.

All-Ireland Intermediate Hurling Championship:

  • Finalists, 1970 (lost to Antrim)

Lory Meagher Cup:

  • Winners, 2017 (defeated Leitrim in the final)
  • Winners, 2013 (defeated Longford in the final)

Allianz National Hurling League:

  • Division 3A Winners, 2018 (defeated Louth in the final)