Warwickshire currently competes in the All-Britain Junior Football Championship, which is part of the All-Ireland Junior Football Championship.

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All-Britain Junior Football Championship:

  • Winners, 2021 (defeated London in the final)
  • Winners, 2006 (defeated Scotland in the final)

All-Ireland Junior Football Championship:*

  • Finalists, 1990 (lost to Cork)
  • Finalists, 1989 (lost to Cork)
  • Finalists, 1987 (lost to Cork)
  • Finalists, 1985 (lost to Galway)
  • Finalists, 1984 (lost to Cork)
  • Finalists, 1957 (lost to Mayo)
  • Finalists, 1955 (lost to Cork)
  • Finalists, 1951 (lost to Cork)
  • Finalists, 1946 (lost to Down)

* During this time period, the All-Ireland Junior Champions (classed as the ‘Home’ Winner) would meet the Champions of Britain to determine the overall All-Ireland Junior Champions. The All-Ireland Junior Championship was re-introduced in 2022 between four teams: Kilkenny, New York and the two All-Britain Finalists.